12/21/18 – Friday

Out of town today

In Nothern VA. Going to try to get some workout done. Went on a hunt for a playground to do some pull-ups but couldn’t find one. Going to flop workouts this week to make it work so today will be arms, shoulder and legs.

Stretching 0830


Slept pretty uncomfortably on a pullout bed last night. Working hard to get back a little mobility this morning.

Abs 0842

120 crunches

120 leg lifts

3x 40s planks

52 Card Workout 1200

Diamonds – Bodyweight shoulder presses 100 total

Hearts – Squats 100 total

Spades – Curls 100 total

Clubs – 2x the number pushups 200 total

Aces and faces – 10

Joker (4 jokers) – 5

On the minute. 5 and less superset with the next card.

Daily Totals

120 Crunches

120 leg lifts

100 shoulder presses

100 jump squats

100 25lb curls

200 pushups

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