12/23/2018 – Sunday – Pull day – Modified MURPH

Stretching 0530

10 min

Modified MURPH 1300

1m #run

10 sets of:

-10 #pull-ups

-20 #pushups

-30 #squats

1m #run

I know it’s not Memorial Day, but I got a wild hair and decided to try my first #MURPH today. Then again, everyday should be a Memorial Day for those that have given their lives for our country. So I grabbed my #vest, downloaded to 20lbs and hit the street for my first mile. I ended up needing to modify the MURPH after the first half by removing the vest when I felt my form begin to decline. So my *modification was first half with vest, second without. About a quarter of the pullups were done as negatives as I do not kip. Overall I was proud to finish the workout even with mods. I think I may practice this every 3rd weekend, first trying to complete with the pack then for time. SOUNDTRACK #davidgoggins #rollinsband MINDSET #yournegativityismyfuel #halfisbetterthannone


30 min

Daily Totals

2 miles run

25 pull-ups with 20lb vest

50 pull-ups

25 negative pull-ups

100 pushups with 20lb vest

100 pushups

150 squats with 20lb vest

150 squats

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