1/17/19 – Thursday – Arms and Legs day

Morning #core

150 #Crunches


10lbs plates 3 sets

Lateral raises 10r

Snow angels 10r

Out in fronts 10r

Arnold presses 10r

10 squats

#curls and #squats

Run the rack, 5 squats after each set

Dual 30lbs 5r

D25s 6r

D20s 7r

D15s 8r

Leg press

Plate 18 3r (353lbs)

17 – 4r (333lbs)

16 – 5r (313lbs)

15 – 6r (293lbs)

Bow draws

Plate 7 – 8r (32lbs)

P6 – 9r (28lbs)

P5 – 10r (24lbs)

P4 – 11r (20lbs)

Today’s #Reading

#Matthew27 and 28

#12rulesforlife – @jordonbpeterson

Daily Totals

150 crunches

85 squats various weights

30 Lateral raises

30 Snow angels

30 Out in fronts

30 Arnold presses

26 curls

28 bow draws

Total reps 324

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