1/20/19 – Sunday – Legs and Arms

Still congested. Having minor pain in right middle deltoid, so laying off the shoulder stuff today. But neither of those are an excuse to not get at it.

Here we go.

Kettle Bells

Squats and curls

35lb- 6 squats – 6r curls – 6 squats – 6l curls

30lb- 8s-8rc-8s-8lc

25lb- 10s-10rc-10s-10lc

20lb- 12s-12rc-12s-12lc

Curl blowout

35lb- 3

30lb- 4

25lb- 6

20lb- 10


16 slow shrugs with 35lbkb

Totals 76 squats 122 curls 16 shrugs.


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