1/26/19 – Saturday – Chest Day

Today is my 37th birthday. I woke up this morning at 0530 and drove my bike 10 miles away. Locked it up and drove back home. Grabbed my pack and hiked 10 miles to the bike and rode back.

When I got home, my wonderful wife surprised me with a a 2 night stay at a resort in the OBX. This is our first vacation in YEARS. We checked in and went to dinner. I dined on steak.

On the way back I asked her to drop me off at the gym. And I got at it. Today was chest day after all. Just because I did a hike n bike it’s no excuse not to stay on track. Found the dumbbell rack and ran it into the ground.

#PushUp 7 sets: 20 rep

#InclineBenchPress 6×6lb, 7×60lb, 8×50lb, 10×40lb

#BenchPress 8×100lb, 9×90lb, 10×80lb, 12×70lb, 14×60lb, 16×50lb, 18×40lb

It was a good day. Very surprised by my wife’s graciousness and planning. Looking forward to a great weekend.


#whatdoesntkillus – @sgcarney @iceman_hof

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