1/31/19 – Thursday – Arms & Legs Day

Morning stretching

and Wim Hof Breathing

Buy in:

15 walking lunges

Bear crawl back

15 walking lunges

Crab crawl back

4 rounds of jogging and sprints

Do work:

Deck of cards (group work):

Grab heaviest weight you can curl 12-15 times. Use that weight for every card:

D lunges

H squats

C curls

S Shoulder presses

Whoever has the most cards wins.


Grab a barbell and get a partner. Do your set and pass to your partner

-Partner curls ascending ladder to 14.

-Partner shoulder presses descending from 10.

Close it out:

150 crunches

36 hanging leg lifts.


#luke16 – 17

#whatdoesntkillus @sgcarney



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