4/7/19 – Sunday – Chest and Shoulders Day

Pyramided each:

Shoulder Press

Decline Press

Incline Press

Decided to lead with shoulders since that is not typical for me.


Incline Bench Press • 10×75lb, 10×95lb, 5×115lb, 3×125lb, 6×105lb, 10×75lb, 8×75lb, 7×75lb

Shoulder Press • 10×45lb, 10×65lb, 8×75lb, 6×95lb, 6×105lb, 3×115lb, 3×125lb, 6×105lb, 8×95lb, 10×75lb

Tricep Kickbacks • 20 lb: 10, 8, 6 rep

Decline Bench Press • 10×95lb, 10×115lb, 9×135lb, 6×155lb, 8×135lb, 10×115lb, 12×95lb


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