4/8/19 – Monday – Arms & Legs

Led off with arms today.

Pyramiding everything except skull crushers

Part 1 – Arms

Tricep Extensions- 15-20-25-30-35-35-30-25-20-15

Hammer Curls


Skull crushers – Strip reps

Barbell Curls – see actual

Part 2 – legs

Squat pyramid – squat pr


#BarbellCurl 10×45lb, 10×55lb, 6×65lb, 2×75lb, 4×75lb, 8×65lb, 12×55lb, 16×45lb

#Squat 10×45lb, 10×95lb, 10×115lb, 8×135lb, 6×155lb, 6×185lb, 2×215lb, 3×185lb, 6×135lb

#SkullCrushers 45 lb: 15, 10, 8, 6, 6 rep

#TricepExtensions 20×15lb, 12×20lb, 8×25lb, 2×35lb, 6×35lb, 7×30lb, 10×25lb, 12×20lb, 20×15lb

#HammerCurls 20×15lb, 10×20lb, 6×25lb, 6×30lb, 2×35lb, 6×35lb, 6×30lb, 10×25lb, 12×20lb, 20×15lb



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