June 22, 2019 at 04:28PM

Thought I would get in a quick leg session this morning before taking Bryce to the Living Museum. Tried to get 3 sets of deadlifts and squats in before leaving. I usually lift in my garage but I had the door open to keep an ear out for Bryce. Had 205 in the air when Bryce ran out and grabbed one side of the bar. I lost control and set it down so it wouldn’t hurt him and snapped my back up. I went to the floor in pain and said some choice words. Pain 7/10. Immediately I took some NSAIDS and started icing. Later I felt ok enough to take Bryce to the museum. Pain about 4/10. Bryce did well at the museum. That was certainly a gamble. Interestingly enough, Mark Rippetoe went into detail on back pain on the @startingstrength podcast this week and when I got home I watched an @untamedstrength YouTube video related to post deadlift backpain. I immediately stood up started air deadlifts and squats. I will not be put down or limited by this. The wife and I have had too much pain this year. I posted this sign on my fridge. It’s over. Pain is no longer allowed in the McCormick household.


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