August 15, 2019 at 02:21PM

#tbt – This was a Media Violence show in Raleigh(?) North Carolina back in 2005. I had just dropped the Falling Into Flight album which is still one of my favorite albums I ever did. This was my favorite show ever – so intense I finished the night off coughing up blood from all the screaming and lost my voice for a few days. At this time, I was living in Greensboro, NC and working 2 warehouse jobs both day and night and getting an hour or two worth of sleep each day. This culminated with me driving my Jeep off the road into a sign post. All the while I was recording and doing shows in the little bit of free time I had. I look upon this time with a strange nostalgia. I produced some good music during this time – but times were definitely tough and make me thankful for landing a career in the FD 12 years ago.

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