I have gotten back to working on some visual artwork pieces recently. It has been about 10 years since I really sat down and did work like this, unless I was working on an album or book cover, and it feels really good to get back at it!

As a young teenager, around 1995, I began creating artwork to go with the poetry I began writing in hopes of one day singing for a band. By the late 90’s I was recording with several music projects, (mainly Breech Doll and Another Earthly Dimension) and in addition to the music, I supplied much of the album artwork. This continued throughout my music career.

2000 – Dark Days, Silver Linings – Traditional Collage on Book Cover

Fast forward to the early 2000s, I was fronting Media Violence and Neuroexorcism, but I was also doing a lot more art pieces for the sheer satisfaction of the creative process. Influenced by artists (musicians and writers) such as Rozz Williams, Genesis P-orrige, and William Burroughs, collage and mixed-media became my primary form of visual expression. I would spend hours in my college dorm collecting and photo-copying imagery I found aesthetic, moving, or provocative in some way and assembling it into 100s of pieces of art. During this time, I often aged my work with dirt, chemicals, and fire which probably would not have made the campus police and fire department very happy.

Being an individual always ready to embrace technology and use it as a tool, I moved over to digital collage as it provided limitless possibilities. It allows the artist to manipulate and replicate in a way that scissors and glue could never do and you can see many examples of this work in my gallery.

From 2010 to 2020, I did not do much visual art other than album and book cover design, but this year I decided to get back to it and to allow my creativity to run rampant again. Today, I find inspiration in my surroundings and my wife’s artwork. Provocation and social commentary are not really where my head is at anymore. I enjoy beginning with a single image or idea and letting the piece take shape on its own. It has become a lot like my writing, I let the work tell me where it wants to go, and I hang on for the ride.

I am currently offering prints of my newer work through Fine Art America but will be adding other options for purchase over time.


Here is some of the stuff I have been working on:

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