Bryce is 3 and a half years old and non-verbal.

46201568_10103164472339173_3421749764109107200_nBryce is 3 and a half years old and non-verbal. While many other children this age have a growing vocabulary and are making sentences (even if they sound silly and we get a kick out of them). We really haven’t heard Bryce sound a full word yet. He says dadadada, but has rarely ever called Chris Bailey McCormick mommy or momma. He has is own language. He constantly makes verbal sounds but we really only know “Bweee” means “please I want food” and “nooooo” when he reprimands us. That’s it. Some Autistic kids do better with pictures when trying to learn language (see image). We are trying but haven’t gotten far at all with this.

All kids throw tantrums, but Bryce can’t communicate why he is throwing one which makes him ever more upset. Recently after throwing tantrums Bryce has begun to sit quietly facing away from everyone with a large frown on his face indicating his severe frustration. At this point I can generally rub his back and reassure him that he is okay, that it’s okay to be frustrated but let’s move on. It may sound heartbreaking but it actually signifies a crossroads to mewhere Bryce is trying to decide if he wants to continue to throw things and destroy or move on. A little loving grace and reassurance goes a long way when we can catch him in this crossroads at just the right moment.