AGGRESSIVE ATTACK – (2009) Full Frontal Assault

Media Violence Inc.

Patrick McCormick – Programming, Vocals

Patrick McCormick – Production, engineering, mixing, mastering

Patrick McCormick

During the final stages of recording “The Great Collapse” with newly added band members to Media Violence, Patrick D McCormick retreated to his private studio alone and laid down the ground work for which would become the first Aggressive Attack EP -Full Frontal Assault. The project was a return to pure electronic/EBM music and a retreat from the Industrial Metal sound Media Violence had been becoming. Aggressive Attack was Industrial Electronic music bordering on EBM. The first EP featured 6 songs and 6 remixes of those songs, dubbed FRONTSIDE and BACKSIDE. The album gives no indication which mix came first and which is the remix, though the BACKSIDE seems slightly more dance/club oriented.